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mssphtb.dll is a Unknown Process which belongs to the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System from Microsoft Corporation. All about mssphtb.dll as which program created it, it's safe or not, and how to fix mssphtb.dll related errors.

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Name:  mssphtb.dll
Type:  Unknown Process
Company:  Microsoft Corporation
Belongs to:  Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Security Level:  Unknown
Update Time:  Jan 17, 2011

mssphtb.dll: Overview

mssphtb.dll (mssphtb.dll): mssphtb.dll is a mssphtb.dll belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System from Microsoft Corporation .

Fix mssphtb.dll errors:

mssphtb.dll errors typically occur when operating system is unable to access a program. In other cases, mssphtb.dll may be a virus that pretend to be a normal process. Here we provide fast and simple ways to fix mssphtb.dll errors. Choose the proper one you need.

1. Click “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” on your computer’s keyboard to open the Task Manager window. Click the "Processes" tab and search for a mssphtb.dll program. If one is running and appears to be accessing a lot of your system's resources, click "End Process" as it is likely a malicious program and not a true Windows program.

2. Run software to seek out, detain and remove viruses, malware, spyware and adware. Often these malicious programs corrupt DLL files or cause them to be deleted or moved and, as mentioned, some mssphtb.dll programs may in fact be viruses on your system.

3. Reboot your computer to update any changes you may have made recently to your files and programs. Many programs and applications require a reboot for successful installation.

4. Uninstall a recently installed or changed program or application and then reinstall it using the default settings. If you uninstalled a program and see a mssphtb.dll error, reinstall the program and then uninstall once more.

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